The Future Of Transportation Is Electric Bikes

The Future Of Transportation Is Electric Bikes

So Why are E-Bikes in Canada taking over? Well, in recent years, mobility in cities has experienced many novelties. So much that we can say without fear of exaggerating that a true revolution is taking place.

The first of these is the awareness that we need to change how we move to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and specially in cities. The other element is technology, and it resides in the supply: new forms of agile, cheap mobility and have emerged and whose carbon footprint is much lower than that of the gasoline or diesel car that until now seemed untouchable. Among those alternatives is the electric motor bike.

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike is a normal bicycle with the addition of an electric drivetrain. This consists of a battery, a motor, and the integration of electric power of function in conjunction with the rider pedalling.

Some of the benefits of electric bikes are:


  • – They reduce time and distance by allowing for a flexible commuting route without traffic.
  • – They save money. By choosing to travel with your e-bike, you’re eliminating gas, insurance, and parking costs.
  • – They are cheap and easy to travel on if you love the idea of free daily transport, fresh air and relaxing cycling.
  • – Using an e-bike means optimal time and balance and prevention of stress, and they promote happiness.
  • – They are environmentally friendly as they do not contribute to air pollution.


The Future is E-Bikes in Canada

Research from McKinsey shows that cities worldwide are gradually moving away from car transportation. Electric bikes account for a large part of why. For example, Madrid and Copenhagen now offer shared electric bikes, while commuters from England, the Netherlands and Denmark can commute to work on bike superhighways. These roads are larger than traditional cycle lanes and have little or no disruption to commuters. Cyclists, who use these, make the most of the full potential of their electric bikes.

The existing urban infrastructure can’t support such an increase in vehicles on the road. This is because congestion is already nearly unbearable in many cities. It’s costing as much as 2 to 4 percent of national GDP by measures such as lost time, wasted fuel, and increased business costs. Transport creates emissions of greenhouse gases, which produce smog and present serious public health concerns. The World Health Organization estimated in 2014 that seven million premature deaths are attributable to air pollution, and a significant share is the result of urban transit causing early lung disease.

Keep in mind that the electric bicycle is not a motorcycle. By law, the electric motor provides pedalling assistance. And it must have a sensor that cannot accelerate if it is not pedalling. However, this type of vehicle avoids the inconveniences many people used to have using a regular bicycle on their daily journeys. ”There is a lot of unevenness”, ”It’s just that there’s a long way to go”, ”It’s just that it took too long to arrive”. An electric bicycle is still healthy because it’s still a bicycle but it solves those drawbacks: it overcomes hills with electric power, it helps to cover long distances and it’s faster.

The Growth of E-Bikes in Canada

The Vancouver Sun has reported, ”Local E-bike firms are experiencing a sharp uptick in sales in the past two years ranging from 100 to 500 percent growth”. So this shows that the e-bike market has potential to continue growing in Canada. This is specially the case in recent years as they are becoming increasingly recognized as an emerging mode of sustainable transport”. Shore R. (2016, November 26). ”E-bike sales are accelerating as riders seek an added spark for quicker routes”.

Without a doubt, in the coming years, we will see how alternatives to the private car gain dominance, and electric bicycles are destined to be one of the future vehicles in our cities. Check out more details on Enduro E-bikes in Canada at our site

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