A Ride to Work on an Enduro E-Bike

A Ride to Work on an Enduro E-Bike

You should take the road less travelled to work with an Enduro E-bike in Canada. Why? Well, sometimes the worst part of your job is the journey. Transferring from your house to the car and finally at the office. At the end of the day you return to your vehicle until you’re back home. All this inside means you don’t get to enjoy the nice weather here in Canada.
Suiting up your bike for commute to work means spending your time in the sunshine elements, enjoying that last little bit of freedom before hunkering down in your office for the work day. When you combine it with the benefits of being able to take easier paths, skipping the stop at the gas station, and getting a little bit of exercise, it’s easy to see why a ride to work with an Enduro E-bike is the best transportation in Canada.

The Best Parts of a Commute to Work on an Enduro E-bike in Canada

Take the Path Less Traveled

Who needs traffic jams? Or roads, for that matter? Riding an Enduro E-bike to work means being able to take paths, sidewalks, and shortcuts through the parking lot that you wouldn’t be able to take in a car.
The end of the block has construction? Hop on the bike trail instead. Hate driving through that always busy intersection? Cut through parking lot to get through. Enjoy the trees and wooded trails instead of the smog and gasoline of the roadway.
And for those times you just can’t avoid the roadway? Hop on without concern. Even the slowest of Enduro E-bikes tops out at 65km/hr, covering most roads in urban areas. You can zip right along with the traffic without concern, getting you closer to work faster. And once you see a bike trail open up, you can cut around them easily.

Bike Your Way

Choosing your speed and how you enjoy your day is one of the best parts of biking to work on an Enduro E-bike. You can enjoy leisurely pedal, taking your time riding smoothly so you can stop and smell the flowers. Whether you need a little workout to prepare for your day or recover after it this is a great way to get your heart rate up.
But then when you really need to get going and save some time kick in the electric motor so you can reach speeds as high as 100km/hr. So when you see the next back country off-road trail reserved only for ATV’s and Motorbikes you can open this bike up and skip around the city outskirts at a blazing 100km/hr top speed.

Skip the Gas Station

Never having to see the blinking gas symbol on your dash again. Since Enduro E-bikes run on leg and electric power, with range of at least 50km (up to 300km for the superpowered e-bikes!), you don’t have to worry about changing your route so you can drop the gas station and wait in line to pump gas. Just plug in overnight and have a fully charged bike by the time you wake up. For a taste of what it’s like check it out here.

Riding to Work on an Enduro E-Bike in Canada

Changing your work commute from drudge to a blast with an Enduro E-bike is a great way to transform transportation. For more information on how Enduro E-bikes can improve your ride to work in Canada.

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