Benefits of E-Bikes vs Vehicles

Benefits of E-Bikes vs Vehicles

Trying to decide between driving a car or riding an E-bike? Enduro provides the fastest E-bikes in Canada, boasting several benefits over cars.



This category of E-bike vs vehicle might surprise you a little. It’s common for people to assume that a car will be great deal faster than an E-bike. But this isn’t strictly true for several reasons.

First, Enduro E-bikes feature some of the fastest E-bikes in Canada, with the slowest option topping out at 55km/hr and the fastest coming in at 100km/hr. This huge range of speed makes for some of the most powerful E-bikes in Canada that can get you where you need to go faster.


Another thing to consider is where you’re commuting. While a vehicle might be the right choice for rural communities where there isn’t traffic, urban commuters can benefit from stealth E-bikes.
In a city, an E-bike is just as fast as a car, if not quicker, because of the way they can literally take the path less travelled. Biking over sidewalks and paths will save a lot of time and mean that you’re technically going faster than you would be stuck in a traffic jam.



In this case, the ”E” doesn’t just stand for electricity- it also stands for ecological. We’ve known for a while that cars pose a challenge to the environment, and we’ve been looking for better ways of doing that, they have their own drawbacks around range.


An E-bike is the perfect marriage of eco friendly bikes with the speed and range of a vehicle. It also has added benefit of not coming with an astronomical price like many of the electric cars on the market right now. Switching to an E-bike gives you the benefits and eco responsibility of an electric vehicle with the freedom of a bike.


Vehicles can guzzle as much money as they do gas. This is because a lot of maintenance and upkeep costs go into a car. For a combustion vehicle, there are oil changes, engine maintenance, and periodic gas up. On average it costs more than $12,000 annually just to own a car not including the cost of the vehicle itself.


Even if we look at electric vehicles the high cost of an electric vehicle upfront can make them completely inaccessible for the average Canadian.
On the other hand, E-bikes in Canada have all the same benefits as EVs without the high price tag upfront. Maintenance and upkeep costs are much lower as well since much of the maintenance can be done from home with online tutorials and information that Enduro E-bikes provides.


Enduro E-bikes are ready to ride and ready to go, giving you a faster, more enjoyable commute while saving money and the environment. For more information on how Enduro E-bikes can shake up your commute in Canada, visit our website


We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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