Tailor Your Build With Options and Added Extras

Tailor Your Build With Options and Added Extras

You have a sense of style and whatch your look and overall  appearance, right? Well why not extend that to your set of wheels by getting and Enduro super E-bike! There are plenty of options to consider with these bikes and there is something for every type of budget. The best e-bikes are those that come with customization because they are tailored to the needs of each individual customer. After all, most customers tend to have a higher standard than simply burying the first e-bike Canada offers them. 

What Can I Customize With My Super E-bike?

The first thing you can customize is how much power you want to have with your e-bike. Do you want to go for the highest power option at 12000w or go for a lower power 1500w long range e-bike? Or are you looking for something a bit more lightweight and budget friendly?

We also have options for power in the 1500w and 3000w range. Not only that, but you can even customize your voltage options, so you have the best chances of charging up one of these Enduro super E-bikes.

After you’ve decided on what type of power you’re looking for, the wheel size comes next. We will walk you through your choices and how each size matters. You can also customize other areas, such as the suspension on the front of one of these e-bikes. This also includes customizing your gear options to make it feel more like a mountain bike or helping you get more control over your speed management while cycling.

We don’t stop there! We also offer customization on your e-bike’s aesthetics. You can customize your colors on the frame any way you want and get highlights through other parts of your super e-bike to turn it into an inspired work of art. Then, you’ll finalize everything with your choice of lights, mirrors, and other accessories that you want to add and include in your build. Our options are so you can optimize your e-biking experience and make sure that you are having the most fun possible every time.

Our process is iterative, and we ensure that you are fully aware of every stage of this process when you decide to make your own customized e-bike. You get a complete design phase that shares all possible options, and construction only begins when you’re totally satisfied.

Work With The Best

We have some of the most competitive prices out there on the e-bike market and we still ensure that our quality control is at the forefront of our experience with us. We know how to get the right type of customization for our customers and want you to know that we help bring a lot of expertise and advice to the table when you work with us.

You won’t have to come in blind and not know your customization options. We’ll be ready to share our knowledge with you and help form an e-bike that’s exactly what you envisioned in the first place. Reach out for more today.

We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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