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Powerful yet simple

Never before have eBikes been able to bring you the outstanding power and torque these type of electric bikes can deliver.  

Next-level technolgy

The direct brushless motors, custom steel frames, dual suspension and cycle analyst controls on these bikes give the best ride imaginable.

General commuting & fun

Whether it’s for general commuting or just having off road fun the Enduro eBike will tick your every requirement every time.

Full-screen video.

Watch some video footage of these eBikes in action,
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Custom Orders & Shipping…



Making Your Custom Order

Simply get in contact with one of our Canada agents via any of our points of contact whether it may be online or through one of our social media pages. We will talk with you about what it is you require and advise you every step of the way.



Building Your eBike

Once we have your custom spec sheet and you are happy with your order we will send it to our technician build team where they will carefully hand build your custom eBike to your specification. This process can take on average anywhere between 30-35 business days on average depending on our demand at that time.



Shipping and Handling

Ok… So now your custom eBike is built, checked, tested and ready to be sent! Usual standard shipping to Canada via sea is the most practical method in most cases. This process can usually take 35-40 days on average. Faster shipping is optional and can be paid for in addition based on a custom quotation for your area/location.


Enduro Super eBike Core Features & Benefits

Outstanding top speeds

These eBikes pack some serious power and are capable of top speeds anywhere between 60-110km/h+.


Motor torque and acceleration

Our ebikes direct brushless motors are an extremely powerful bit of kit and is sure to surprise you at the shear accleration these bikes are capable of.


Range and battery life

If you’re into your riding these bike will take you anywhere no problem whether its local commuting, long journey advetures or even track or woodland runs.

Hill climbing ability

When it comes to climbing steep hills it can be safe to say these bikes do it effortlessly with no trouble what so ever, never before has riding up a hill been a pleasure.


Downhill durability

These bikes are built with some serious dampening capabilities, the front down hill shocks and back fully adjustable suspension along with sturdy solid frame is probably one of the most comfy rides in all terrain.


Cross-country riding

Riding long distant journeys as a usual cyclist is now made effortlessly with no worries at all of the efforts you make. Simply use gears, no gears or just power alone to get anywhere you like at ease.

Local commuting

The Enduro eBike is great, for local commuting and is the perfect ideal way to get about cost effectively and do your bit for the environment at the same time.



Whether you are riding through parks, woodland areas, streets or tracks you can be sure the Enduro ebike is good for all types of terranes when freeriding.


Fun factor

When it comes to having fun, we believe there really is no other ebike like this. The fun factor and value for money is all rolled into one. On or Off road there is no other ride quite like it that’s for sure!


Our dynamic direct-drive QS brushless motors are designed and built for optimal power delivery and instantaneous response time. The bikes can be custom built specifically for various types of riding, whether you need something that gives a quick, short boost with a more powerful torque thrust low end or something more steady and balanced for extremely high speeds top end.

This is all possible with us and our manufacture process allowing you the flexibility like never before to truly have a bike-specific to your needs, giving that assurance it is exactly what suits you in every way.


With our ebikes you can have your bike custom built however you choose, so if your needs are more focused on range as a key factor over top-end power then we can also fit specific lower bit still powerful motors with much higher AH batteries & suited controllers to give that added distance when commuting if required.

These type of builds are great for riders looking to go on long journeys whether it is for every day all day use travelling around cities, holiday home getaways or of course in this day & age are an outstanding asset & perfect replacement for general bike delivery couriers to help get you from A-B with no hassle in the most practical way.


When it comes to down to security we understand it can in most cases be a high priority when having a custom-built ebike. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend all your hard-earned money & wait all that time to simply have someone take it away in a flash. Sadly this is the world we live in & we have done our very best to offer key security features that are optional with your build.

Depending on your build type needs you can choose various options that will allow you to add things like Key start, in built hard wired tamper-proof alarm systems with remote fobs, rear motor locking to stop the bikes from being moved, even optional GPS trackers that will allow you to locate your bike with an app.












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