The ENDURO EBIKES Slayer S-8000

The ENDURO EBIKES Slayer S-8000

So why is the Enduro E-bike so impressive? Well, transportation and commuting in Canada is a wonderful and terrible experience. Sure, there are the rolling hills, flowing prairies, epic mountains, and beautiful streams and rivers, but then there’s the traffic. Enjoying your journey when you’re in a car can be difficult, to say the least, specially for those who commute through cities where you can’t soak in the majesty of the mountains or the serenity of the streams.


Luckily, there’s a better option. Enduro E-bikes provide the best of both worlds; a smooth commute you can count on with longer ranges, a more eco-friendly life, and the opportunity to skip out on traffic.

One of our favourite options is the Enduro E-bike Slayer 8000. This style of bike has been one of our most requested models for it’s simplicity, speed and range, and earning the nickname, ”Stealth Bomber bike”. It’s the ultimate combination of the best features Enduro E-bikes has to offer, making it the best transportation choice in Canada.

What Makes the Newest Enduro E-Bike Slay?



The Slayer 8000 comes in our ideal recommended wattage of 8000w. This is enough power and charge to take you further on a single charge. This wattage means having an average range of 80km and we also have larger battery that can get an average of 100km in range.



The allure of the Slayer lies in it’s inherent simplicity. With no custom choice options, it comes as it is. This takes a lot of the complicated choices and customization out, perfect for those who struggle when given too many options to just choose one. The Slayer comes as it is but is built with some of the best features and options that we have to offer. It’s like buying the ultimate in high-tech transportation right off the rack.


Speed With this Enduro E-Bike

Faster than your average E-Bike, the Slayer can easily reach 100km/hr speeds, making for a quick ride. This makes it the perfect choice for no longer commutes, ensuring you can move around obstacles without waiting. It is one of our fastest bikes, perfectly set up to provide the speed you need.


The Enduro E-Bike Quick Charges


The Enduro E-bike Slayer 8000 features a quick charge time so once you’ve exhausted the battery you can plug it in before heading to bed and be ready to put in a full ride in the morning. The battery will be fully charged in 6-7 hours.


Simply Advanced Options

Although the Slayer is our simplest and most pared-down option, that doesn’t mean we skimped on the high-tech options. With ridged, rugged look, this bike has our favourite choice for forks, the DNM USD 8s or the KKE 110s, with the intelligent Sabvoton controller and a SW900 Analog LCD. When you add in the 19′ Moto style wheels, rims, and off-road tires, this bike has everything you need for your daily transportation needs in Canada.

The Best E-bike Transportation in Canada has to Offer

The Enduro E-bike Slayer 8000 seamlessly combines the practicality, fun, range and speed of e-bikes to create a simple-to-order and easier-to-ride e-bike option. You get where you need to go fast and enjoyably, with the predictable reliability you need. For more information on how Enduro can help you get the most out of your e-bike in Canada, visit our website

We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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