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Build & Shipping Times

  • Custom Build Times
    Depending on a number of factors build times can vary. It will be based on customer's specific build requests that may be subject to parts and availability within the factory at that time. Most parts we keep in stock whereas some parts may need to be requested and ordered in for us to fit for you under special terms.

    As a basic rule of thumb we advise the following:

    Standard ebikes may be estimated to be built in 12-15 days in some cases if our technicians are able to book you in right away with our stock build ebikes that are on pre-assembly. If however we are in high demand and have a backlog of custom build orders that are being processed, we then advise on a 25-30 business working day turn around to be taken into mind.

  • Shipping & handling times
    We offer the ability to ship via sea and also air, however both come with factors to keep in mind. Shipping via sea may take longer but we can usually help with work arounds and help with customs and import taxes via this method. E.g. Reduce or in a lot of cases not pay any additional fees or taxes!

    . Shipping via sea to your door: We estimate 25-30 days
    . Sent Via air: We estimate 10-14 days (Special request quotation for this service) much higher premium.

Colour Options

  • Colour Options For Frames?
    We offer the Following frame colour options to date:

    . Black
    . White
    . Red
    . Camo Beige
    . Camo Blue

    Fixer frame screws come is a choice of Black or Red

  • Colour Options For Wheels?
    We currently offer the following in choice of wheel options to date:

    . Black
    . White
    . Anodised Gold
    . Anodised Red

Extra Batteries

  • What is the cost of an additional battery?
    Extra batteries can be added to your order with the following guideline prices in mind, if you pay for the in addition after placing an initial order we can send you a bill of invoice to pay via PayPal and it can be sent with your order shipping of full bike at no extra cost. If you buy at a later stage this will accrue a shipping charge that would require a quotation at the time of purchase. PRICE GUIDE:
    72v 28.8ah = $1060USD (LG Cells)
    72v 38.4ah = $1300USD (LG Cells)
    72v 48ah = $1680USD (LG Cells)
    72v 52.5ah = $1930USD (Samsung Cells only)

General Charge Times

  • Charge times with a 5.5A Charger will be on average as follows:
    • 3000w 4-5 hours full charge
    • 5000w 5-6 hours full charge
    • 8000W 6-7 hours full charge
    • 12000w 7-8 hours full charge

How Waterproof are the Ebikes?

  • Water resilience & guide notice!
    The Enduro Ebikes we build and provide are generally waterproof. All electrical parts are house in a sealed frame, the side panels are removable by small Endero Ebike branded fixer srews that also allow you to access the components should you need to. The seal is important to make sure it is securely tight at all times. What is meant by this, is if out in heavy rain riding then sure your ebike will be fine as everything is water-tight and external wires are encased also, but if you was to let the screws at all get loose over time and was to jet wash(clean) your ebike with high pressure, then sure there is a chance you could get water inside the sealed frame, also we do not advise riding through any lakes or ponds. Like most things that are designed to be waterproof, consideration is needed, our ebikes are fully electric and like most things although waterproof it is only to a certain degree.

Programming Bike Settings

  • Can the ebikes be programmed with custom settings?
    Yes the enduro ebikes can be fitted in addition with programable controllers. Factory standard ebikes will not be fitted with programable controllers but can be fitted subject to request with special terms in place. (Please read pro's & Con's to understand more)
  • Pro’s & Con’s to programmable controllers
    To date programmable controllers like the Sabvoton controller are great for allowing you to input custom settings, however in our experience these controllers when fitted on extremly high power ebikes like the 8000w and 12000w models can tend to experience shorter life with displays/issues with burn out problems. This is not always the case but we have to advise that has a higher change of issues due to extreme high power and the displays to view your settings being compromised with power distribution in some instances. We are not the manufacture of these displays and controllers but are always looking to build the highest specification ebikes and best advise our customers. We are always researching and developing and will always be updating to what we feel is best. However we are subject to request with terms in place and will fit what you require with your custom build.

Regen Breaking

  • What is Regen Breaking?
    Regenerative braking is an energy recovery mechanism that slows the ebike by converting its kinetic energy into a form that can be either used immediately or stored until needed. In this mechanism, the electric motor uses the ebikes momentum to recover energy that would be otherwise lost to the brake discs as heat. This contrasts with conventional braking systems, where the excess kinetic energy is converted to unwanted and wasted heat by friction in the brakes, or with dynamic brakes, where energy is recovered by using electric motors as generators but is immediately dissipated as heat in resistors.
  • Can your ebike be installed with Regen Breaking System?
    Yes we can install regenerative breaking on your enduro ebike in addition to standard factory builds, this will be classed as an upgrade option and may require controller upgrade. We will discuss this with you regarding your requirements and any additional costs as well as pro's and con's.
  • Pro’s & Con’s of Regen Breaking
    In addition regen breaking is good to improving the overall efficiency of the ebike energy usage, regeneration can greatly extend the life of the braking system as its parts do not wear as quickly in this area of instance. However on the down side in our experience it is not so good for both the motor and battery and tends to put strain on these components. In short it saves and uses short time usage more efficiently but may shorten the long term usage of the main components that are the most costly.

Speed & Range

  • What are the ebikes average speed and range stats?
    We are always looking to update and get the best speed and range possible, to date with our electric high power ebikes we are confident to say they are up there with the very best statically! We are sure you will not find a better more cost effective build with any other company or brand. Current Stats To Date:
    • 3000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 65KM/H - Charge Range: 50KM
    • 5000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 75KM/H - Charge Range: 60KM
    • 8000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 95KM/H - Charge Range: 70KM
    • 12000w ENDURO eBIKE = Top Speed: 110KM/H - Charge Range: 100KM
    TAKE NOTE: These are all standard factory build stats and is based on average usage. If using at continual or mostly high power it will compromise over all range. Also on lower power models range can be "Slightly improved" by installing larger power batteries that would otherwise be fitted on larger models. If you require battery upgrade we can quote you for this with an additional charge to your order.

Stands for Keeping Bikes Up

  • Do the ebikes come with a stand and what type are they?
    Yes all our enduro ebikes come with a "kick stand" that you can push out to keep the bike upright when parked up. These are great specially when commuting and parking up at places you visit. For more off road things you may with to remove the standard factory fitted kick stand but is personal preference. In addition require a maintenance stand possibly to keep in your garage or home. We do not provide this type to be sold and only use them in our factory for personal use. (We mention this as we have had requests for the factory stands to be sold to customers who are doing personal builds for themselves).

Tire Options

  • Mountain bike tires:
    We offer a 22" or 24" standard mountain bike tires with grips as seen in our pictures, these are only fitted with the Sun Ringle MTX / MTB Rims.
  • Moto Tires:
    . 19" Road use tires with small tread
    . 19" Off road Moto tires with Deep Grip

Type of Wheel Sizes & Options

  • Mountain bike style wheels
    These are a larger size wheel with 22" or 24" Sun Ringle MTX / MTB Rims.
  • Moto style wheels
    The 19" Moto Style rim is the correct proportion wheel we would highly recommend for all bikes over 3000w. Moto rims give better stability, extra torque/power and are much more stronger when it comes to taking your ebike off road. Without these wheels the weight of the ebikes can become over bearing with standard rims if using the ebike for real endure style purposes.

Upgrades & Add On's

  • What upgrades and add on’s should I consider and why?
    The main things to consider are as follows:

    . So things like front and rear lights, mirrors, key fob alarms

    . You can choose a moto style stronger 19" wheel over standard

    To date our enduro ebikes with come now with factory fitted down hill black forks, we are updating our options from time to time as manufactures change their supplies. We also fit the following;
    . Zoom Down Hill forks - Color, Black white with gold
    . DNM USD 8S Down Hill forks - Color, Black (Recommended choice)
    . RockShox Boxxer Down Hill (These are limited stock and subject to request)

    . 72V 48AH battery with battery charger
    . 72V 39.6AH battery with battery charger
    . 72v 29.7AH battery with battery charger

    . Sine wave (Factory Standard)
    . Sabvoton Bluetooth
    . Cycle Analyst 2.3

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