The Enduro E-Bikes Brand is Growing

The Enduro E-Bikes Brand is Growing

Watching the growth and evolution of a brand is always a fascinating process. So seeing the difference between where Enduro E-bikes started and where it is now is a proud experience. 6 years ago, Enduro set out to team up with the very best build teams and manufacturers. This was all to create super E-bikes that fit everyone’s needs. Now we can clearly see how E-bike technology has been advanced and inspired all around the globe.

How We Differentiated our Super E-Bikes

Although Enduro E-bikes aren’t the only e-bikes on the market (although they are arguably among the fastest and most powerful e-bikes), the way our brand has evolved gives us some of our power. Many of our early customers were looking for high quality builds at affordable prices. So through working with them, listening to our costumer’s comments and incorporating their suggestions and real world needs we created a powerful E-bike unlike any other.

Custom Super E-bikes Build New Technology

Part of our mission at Enduro is to make more accessible for everyone. We do this by providing ways to customize them to your specific needs and desires. Our costumers come to us with their layouts and we have the privilege of finding ways to make those dreams come true. With every custom build we develop better designs, plans and new technology to make E-bikes the best they can be.


Building Community

Creating custom E-bikes and being willing to work with our costumers has set us apart. Through this it has helped facilitate the creation of community. Our costumers enjoy our E-bikes so much that after buying one and being truly blown away by the craftsmanship and usefulness, they recommend it to their friends. Now, we get to watch entire groups so they can go out and enjoy the fastest E-bikes on the market together.
Creating community through custom E-bikes that fit individual and group needs is a great direction for the Enduro E-bike brand to move in.


How Enduro E-Bikes Will Carry Into The Future

What set out as small group of people sharing a love for electric bikes is turning into a new craze. Demand is growing daily with global customers and a whole new culture and community around E-bikes. These aren’t your usual commuting e-bikes; they’re in a league all their own. We can see their excitement and interest across the world, especially in Canada.

We’re excited to see more spots all over the globe pop up where Enduro E-bikes can be ridden. Every time we get word that a new one has shown up, the excitement starts all over again. So if you would like to share an Enduro E-bike riding spot with us, please contact us. We love to hear about the future of super powerful E-bike gathering spots, getting ever closer to creating a community of super E-bike enthusiasts.

For more information on how Enduro E-bikes are growing and changing, visit our website


We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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