High Power Long Range Enduro E-Bikes

High Power Long Range Enduro E-Bikes

Enduro E-bikes are the perfect choice for your commuting and fun in Canada. With an electric motor that makes barely a whisper, no pollution concerns, and clean energy that gets you where you need to go when you need to get there, it feels like e-bikes were designed for this country.

What’s the best long-range enduro e-bike, or the best high-power enduro e-bike, for your driving needs? In our opinion, they’re one and the same. The power, reliability, and sheer fun and enjoyment of an e-bike are wrapped up in a compact 12000w Enduro e-bike for the best range and power.

Long Range- Range of 300KM and More

These long range E-Bikes are a necessity in a land as far and wide as Canada. We could make a lame joke about how flat Saskatchewan is, trying to dodge around the hills and valleys of BC or trekking over the endless fields of Ontario. Still, ultimately, we know that Canada is just really big. You need every inch of that long-range that you can get to ensure you don’t get stranded.

The range comes down to the battery. The bigger the battery, the better the range.

With an Enduro e-bike, you have the option of 300km of scope to get you there and back again. To put it in perspective, that’s enough to get you halfway to Montreal from Toronto on a single charge. You could drive halfway across Manitoba in that distance and the entire length of PEI.

Extra Power- Speed of 100KM/HR

If you’re looking for power and speed, there’s nothing better than the best of the best. When it comes to speed, it’s all about motor power, and the more motor wattage, the more speed.

Wattage affects speed like this:

• 1500W motor reaches a top speed of 55 km/h
• 3000W motor reaches a top speed of 70 km/h
• 5000W motor reaches a top speed of 80 km/h
• 8000W motor reaches a top speed of 95 km/h
• 12000W motor reaches a top speed of 100 km/h

The Enduro 12000w is one of the highest-powered e-bikes available on the market, easily reaching speeds of 100km/h. This high-power enduro e-bike is the perfect option for those needing speed and power that can’t be held back.

More Torque- 0-60KM/HR in 2.5 Seconds

Let’s talk about torque. Torque is the get-up-and-go that makes an e-bike go from a standstill to tearing off into the distance. So the 12000w Enduro e-bike isn’t only the best long-range and high-power e-bike; it also offers the torque that can slingshot you from 0-60km/h in 2.5 seconds with our 5t model.


Is crucial to ensure that your commute and playtime are exactly what you want them to be. With more customization options than any other brand on the market, the high power and long-range Enduro e-bikes give you all the power and control you want.

Experience the Best E-bikes Canada Has to Offer in 2023

Living in Canada has many perks, one of which is the space to have the best toys in the world. Go as fast and as far as you want with the 12000w Enduro e-bike. 

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