Slick Designed E-Bikes With Attitude

Slick Designed E-Bikes With Attitude

You have options when it comes to long range e-bikes, and just like you were able to customize and tailor your regular bikes to your liking, you can do the same with these Enduro E-bikes. We help to customize as much as you need as an official provider of Enduro E-bikes in Canada. 

Firstly, when you decide to go with one of these super e-bikes, you’ve already made an excellent choice, since they are some of the best options on the market. That is even with factory settings and no customizations or modifications. You’ll still be getting lots of power with these e-bikes in their factory configuration. You also have the chance to overclock the bike further to gain additional performance using the optional bluetooth programmer dongle on the Sabvoton controller option. This means they’ll be long range e-bikes and can smoothly go off the beaten path and get you where you need to be.

Yet that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for aesthetic improvements. While we are able to handle all types of enhancements to your e-bikes, we’ll be looking closer at how we can make this your own custom e-bike that was on your mind and has become a reality.

Getting Long Range E-bikes In Your Vision

Got a colour scheme in mind? No problem. We give you the chance to mix and match our body panel colours or you can go with one single colour of your choice. You can speak with us about what you have in mind for the design, and we’ll be able to build out something we know you’ll like. To start off, we’ll offer you some initial sketches and designs. As you approve them, we’ll move forward with more refined designs until we get to the option that you’re looking for.

If you want a different type of seat or even handlebars, we’ve got you covered as well. We can also colour-trim them and place accent colours throughout to help make your e-bike pop out. After all, there’s no reason you cannot enjoy the great outdoors in Canada without style. More importantly, your overall style.

We can even work on the tires too as we offer different wheel types to fit the riders needs alongside our special super strong moto wheels which offer color customization with different anodized color wheel options. Again none of this will affect the performance of these super e-bikes as they are all meant to enhance the overall look of your e-bike when you take it out. You’ll still be able to use the e-bike for whatever original purpose you got it for. Even if you like to ride in a rougher setting, we’ll build out your customizations with an extra layer durability, both in construction and colouring, to make sure that they can withstand what you throw at it.

Your E-bike Is Ready To Be Customized

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us today! The minute we start working on it, the sooner you can have the slick design that you’ve always wanted. We take pride in our work and pay extensive attention to detail, so we appreciate your patience while knowing that we take extra time and effort to produce the best e-bike designs possible.

We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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