Geared Options Now Available In Canada

Geared Options Now Available In Canada

Pay attention all of you e-bike owners or soon-to-be e-bike owners in Canada. It’s now possible to add a geared option to your Enduro E-bikes. You Already know that when you go down the route of getting yourself Enduro E-bikes, three things come to mind; quality, power, and customization. 

What Geared Options Mean For You

When you buy one of these super e-bikes, you can customize them by adding gears, meaning you’ll get the best of both worlds. The options that are available for your Enduro E-bikes in Canada are a motorbike chain option, which is no gears or chain and just pegs, a single speed MBX style gear and chain, or a 7 speed MTB style gear train. That means you’ve just given yourself a choice on how you use your Enduro E-bikes.

You can consider using these long range e-bikes as a way to get around town and use them for your daily commute. At the same time, you can use these super e-bikes going off-roading as you would with regular bikes, getting in all the power you need to traverse the terrain. Everything else that made these e-bikes great in the first place is still there.

Options are available in that you can now use this as a regular bike via pedalling and getting in a bit of exercise. That means if you’re looking to stay fit or keep that extra weight off, then you can easily, switch to having this as a traditional bike. That helps to keep you healthy, and you’re powering the e-bikes instead of the ebike powering you.

Not that there’s any issue when it comes to the overall range of these long range e-bikes. It just means you can switch back and forth between letting the e-bike power everything or using your legs, which adds a new level of versatility. You can go biking off-road and get better control and speed management by peddling yourself. This is all while still being able to handle your errands easily enough afterwards when you’re exhausted and you want the e-bike to be able to handle everything.

You’re Covered With Enduro E-bikes

Don’t hesitate to get this awesome, cost-effective customization on your Enduro E-bikes today. As it wont affect any other type of performance, at the very least, it’s nice to have the option to allow you to switch over when you feel like it. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself becoming just that more active and gradually transitioning from using the super e-bikes completely to peddling everywhere on your own with these extremely durable e-bikes. 

When you contact us we can discuss your best options with the amount of gears that you’re looking to get. This way, you wont have to wonder whether the single speed MBX style gear and chain or the 7 speed MTB style gear train would be a better choice, and we can help explain based on what your overall needs will be. We’ll guide you through the process so you can get the e-bike which covers all the bases you want it to. We look forward to hearing from you and setting up these optional gears on your Enduro E-bikes.

We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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