First Video Footage Seen Of The Bikes In Canada

First Video Footage Seen Of The Bikes In Canada

Maybe you’ve already heard about them coming on the market. Or you might have been in the presence of these super e-bikes that have just hit Canada. Regardless, Enduro E-bikes are here to stay and are taking e-bikes to the next level. With that, we’d like to share some of the first raw footage seen we have with these bikes.

Remember that this footage is so new that it hasn’t had a full edit yet, as these e-bikes are so new to the market. Yet even without professional editing, you can already tell how this is not your standard e-bike option. Just as the footage is tough and raw, so are these Enduro E-bikes, and we aim to bring them to you just the way you want them.

Fully Customizable Super E-bikes In Canada

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat with these super e-bikes is that they are extremely customizable. In fact, that’s our speacialty, and we believe that you should at least be getting it in a design and colour scheme that you have your eye on.

You can have your e-bike matching your style on day one, with our professional design team handling all the heavy lifting. If you’re looking for a specific colouring, a different type of texture, or want a trim throughout the body of the e-bike, we’ve got you covered. As always we’ll work with you before we even add the first component or add any new colour.

Extra Features

On top of that, you’ll see a lot of paraphernalia in the video. These items are what the customization we offer is all about. We like to give white glove service to each and every one of our customers in Canada, and we will always let you know what our full offering is or help you design your Enduro E-bikes based on what you’re going to use them for.

You can add side mirrors to ensure better safety and views, as well as attach monitors and speedometers that give you the information you need in front of you. This is just a small subset of what is actually possible. 

And if you’re wondering what type of range these e-bikes have, these are known as having some of the best ranges for e-bikes out there. We can amp up the power to make them long range e-bikes easily, so you won’t have to worry if there’s going to be a time that you will run. out of charge when you need it the most. Don’t worry if you do run out of charge, as you can always use your feet to peddle back to the nearest possible charging area. 


What Are You Waiting For?

Like what you see in the video and want to get one of the most durable and sturdy e-bike options on the Canadian market? Want it fully customized to match your needs and style? Then reach out to us to inquire about getting one of these super e-bikes, now officially available in Canada, for your pleasure.

We build only products we love, provide incredible hospitality to our customers, and change the world by getting more people on e-bikes.


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